Leaves 'Autumn' Series. Yellow: H:5cm, W:11cm, L:20cm. Orange: H:4.4cm, W:10.5cm, L:19cm. [Photo: G.Hancock]

About The Artist

I was born in Adelaide South Australia. In 1995 I completed a Bachelor of Design with Honours in Glass. In 2004 I completed my Masters of Visual Arts in Glass.

Inspired by the hand-made process of Pate de Verre and the beauty of its translucent sugary textures; I chose to specialise in this unique method of glass-making. My fascination for Japanese culture and the Eastern concepts of nature and spirituality have influenced my underlying concept of instilling the 'essence' of experience manifest through form.

With further development and refining of new techniques in Pate de Verre, my glass pieces express a diverse [cultural] identity of their own. Each vessel reflects an aspect of experience that is unique to that moment where there is a fleeting glimpse of reality, ‘something’ that can never be experienced in quite the same way again.

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